An Insight in Regard to Benefits of Video Conferencing

Basically, videoconferencing is as a special type of video telephony.  This is where picture and sound signals are transmitted form one user to the other in real-time when communicating from different geographical locations or positions. In this case, a conference or a meeting is done by two or more people located in different areas by the use of computerized links and devices for picture and voice transmission.

Video Conferencing Systems requires all the participants to have a video camera, a speaker, and a microphone. All these gadgets will be interconnected and mounted on one computer.  During the process or conversation, the pictures and voices are carried to the other user. The images captured normally appear on the monitor or screen of the other user in a specific window.

In a multipoint type of Grandstream Video Conferencing System, more than two participants are involved. In the recent past, they had to sit in a position that the camera can be able to capture each and every person. However, due to technological advancement, they can be at separate locations.  This is because, the devices used can be able to have multiple windows opened at a time.  Therefore, a properly installed Video Conferencing System UAE will have the following advantages.

A. Saves time and costs associated with travelling.

When one is travelling, a lot of time is wasted. This can bring great losses to the organization if not properly managed. Travelling also is expensive and costly. Even though Video Conferencing UAE will also be expensive in terms of installation and internet charges, the cost of travelling frequently will be higher in the long term.

In fact, studies indicate that holding meetings between different departments when one is still at his workstation leads to more productivity. Costs associated with hiring and interviewing staff will also be reduced. The information obtained from the interview can also be stored for further analysis and considerations.

B. It facilitates optimal attendance.

This type of meeting will facilitate optimal attendance because inconveniences that are witnessed when travelling are eliminated. In fact, regardless of the location or urgency, almost all the participants will be present.

C. Facilitates properly structured meetings.

Video Conferencing Dubai meetings normally have defined start and end-times. This is done earlier on before the actual video-call meeting takes place. This makes the participant to digest the point of discussion before.

D. Increases organization productivity.

The participants using this technology normally makes decisions faster. This makes them to embark on their productive activities. In fact, problem resolution is faster than even in physical presence. This makes the organization even to have improved employee retention because less travels will increase each employee productivity.

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